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Editorial Material Closing Date

To Printer Publication Date
13-Jan 13-Jan 20-Jan 1-Feb
13-Mar 13-Mar 20-Mar 1-Apr
13-May 13-May 20-May 1-Jun
13-Jul 13-Jul 20-Jul 1-Aug
13-Sep 13-Sep 20-Sep 1-Oct
13-Nov 13-Nov 20-Nov 1-Dec

The Closing Date is the deadline for editorial materials. To ensure publication, materials should be submitted well in advance of this date.

A space can be kept for pre-booked and pre-agreed items that are time critical and available at the last minute. Make sure you have notified and agreed the details with the editor well in advance.

Adverts must be paid for before publication.

code of submission

The Hayle Pump would like to remind readers that the items, or articles and Public Notices are accepted as points of view and are not necessarily the opinion of the editorial team.
Items received should be a maximum of 400 words and may be edited or omitted due to limitations on space. Longer articles may be submitted if agreed with the editor. They may be split over more than one issue or put on the web site.
Correspondents are reminded that all material submitted must be signed with their name and address, and if possible, telephone numbers for validation. This will not be printed if you do not wish it to be.

News, letters, notices etc. must be emailed to the editor@haylepump.org.uk or dropped off at the Passmore Edwards Institute.